10 April 2014

Traité de libre-échange : le débat Nicole Bricq / Yannick Jadot

A l'occasion de la venue de Barack Obama au Sommet UE-USA du 26 mars, Mediapart organisait un débat sur le TTIP entre Nicole Bricq, Ministre française du commerce extérieur, et Yannick Jadot, député européen EELV et Vice-Président de la Commission du Commerce International au Parlement européen.

L'occasion pour Yannick Jadot de rappeler les dangers que comportent les négociations en cours pour le respect des normes économiques, alimentaires, sanitaires, environnementales, et plus largement démocratiques dans les pays européens. Et de rappeler la ferme opposition des écologistes à la signature d'un tel traité. more

07 April 2014

Why is TTIP more than a trade agreement?

Video courtesy of the Transnational Institute: EU and US are currently negotiating a trade and investment agreement. How will this deal affect people from both regions and around the world? See reflections from EU and US activists who gathered to discuss about the impacts and possible solutions. http://www.tni.org/multimedia/why-ttip-more-trade-agreement more

27 March 2014

TTIP's "race to the bottom"

Greens rally outside the European Parliament against TTIP's "race to the bottom" as EU-US summit commences more

13 March 2014

Food and Agriculture & TTIP

Untangling the Trade Talks: highlights from a conference on food and agriculture, organised by Friends of the Earth Europe, in Brussels, 13th March 2014. more

10 March 2014

BREAKING NEWS : TTIP a major change in EU/US relations

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is one of the most important developments in EU-US relations since WWII. Those in favour claim it will create hundreds of thousands of jobs and boost GDP on both sides of the Atlantic. But is this true? And what are the hidden risks for European citizens? more

10 March 2014

Is TTIP a "monstrous assault on democracy"? - Truthloader

Glyn Moody discusses the risks of Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) under TTIP. Reposted with the kind permission of Glyn Moody and Laura MacKenzie, Producer, Truthloader. more

07 March 2014

Controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) explained

Friends of the Earth Europe demonstrates the dangers of ISDS in relation to fracking and other issues. More information at: http://www.foeeurope.org/no-fracking-way-060314 more

30 January 2014

German TV show ARD Monitor's special report on TTIP [EN subs]

"The Fairytale of the Job Miracle" | ARD Monitor TV Program

Original Title: "Das Märchen vom Jobmotor"
Produced by ARD. More information on the program: http://www.wdr.de/tv/monitor/.
Authors: Stephan Stuchlik, Achim Pollmeier
Subtitles in English by CEO. more

30 January 2014

ARD Monitor: Full interview with Commissioner De Gucht on TTIP

Full revealing interview with EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht from ARD Monitor on TTIP.
Original Interview: http://www.wdr.de/tv/monitor/extra/in... more