15 October 2014

TTIP Reading Room: MEPs protest inside the European Parliament today

The 'secure reading room' setup for key TTIP documents is only available to a select number of MEPs. Speech by Yannick Jadot on the need for full transparency in the negotiations outside the reading room in the European Parliament. more

13 October 2014

Euronews report: tens of thousands protest against TTIP

Report on pan-European protests against TTIP, CETA and TiSA, October 11 2014 more

01 October 2014

Al Jazeera Debate on TTIP

'Free trade' agreements: Power to the corporations? more

28 September 2014

Canadian and European Greens Discuss CETA

Green MEP Ska Keller and Elisabeth May of the Green Party of Canada give their united stance on the EU-Canada deal CETA more

26 September 2014

CAMPACT Video on CETA: An assault on democracy

Should the EU and Canada sign the CETA treaty, it threatens to turn democracy into a pawn in the games of multinational corporations www.campact.de/ceta-stoppen more

23 September 2014

BusinessEurope TTIP Debate Highlights

Civil society representatives clash with pro-TTIP business representatives in a debate hosted by the EU lobby firm BusinessEurope more

16 September 2014

Economist Jeffrey Sachs says no to TPP and TTIP trade deals

Full article with written speech available at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/roger-hickey/economist-jeffrey-sachs-s_b_5823918.html more

11 September 2014

Health Sold Out: US corporate shadow over UK NHS

News Report: 11 Sep 2014 more

29 July 2014

TTIP: A Race to the Bottom

We don't want our standards lowered under TTIP! Don't let corporations force a race to the bottom. more