Local Authorities against TTIP

Thousands of local authorities, councils, mayoral offices, city councils and regional authorities are declaring themselves "TTIP free zones" across Europe. These actions are helping to raise awareness of the impact TTIP will have on local economies and communities, and the ability of local representatives to make policy decisions for the benefit of their citizens. Below you can find resources on the growing grassroots campaign throughout Europe.

National Campaign Materials 

EU-wide campaign

 International Map of TTIP-free zones in Europe

The Austrian Campaign

List of TTIP-free Zones in Austria

Template TTIP-free resolution suggested by the Austrian Campaign (German)

Broshure on municipalities and TTIP from the Austrian Campaign (German)

Short infos on the Austrian Campaign (German)

The Belgium Campaign

Map of TTIP-free zones in Belgium

List of TTIP-free zones 

News video: St. Gilles commune (Brussels) declares itself a TTIP-free zone

11 of 19 Brussels communes against TTIP trade pact

The French Campaign

Template TTIP-free resolution suggested by the French campaign (in French)

List of TTIP-free zones in France

The German Campaign

Map and Materials of ttip-free Zones in Germany

The Irish Campaign

Information on growing campaign in Ireland

Uplift campaign information

The Romania Campaign

Information and model template resolution 

The Spanish Campaign

List of TTIP-free local authorities in Spain
Los Municipios Europeos Contra el TTIP
Article on municipalities and TTIP in spanish

Barcelona declares itself TTIP-free

The UK campaign

UK TTIP-free zone microsite

Model TTIP motion for local authorities in the UK

The Council of European Municipalities and Regions

Position paper on the ongoing negotiations on TTIP, May 2015- Position paper

Ratifying TTIP in EU Member States

Study on national parliament ratification processes in 28 Member States