10 December 2014

Is the TTIP deal an assault on democracy or an engine for global economic growth?

10 December 2014,
01:30pm - 05:00pm


TTIP Seminar Draft Agenda

UNITE Hall, 55-56 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1

10 th December

(Registration and light lunch from 1330)

2.30: Introductory Remarks by Congress and introduction of Keynote Speakers:

2.40:Monika Hencsey, lead EC negotiator for trade and sustainable development, including labour and environment issues

3.00: Celeste Drake, AFLCIO;

3.20:Danielle Basso, ETUC;

3.45 Coffee

4:00 Panel Discussion (Chair: Patrick Kinsella)

  •  Esther Lynch (Congress)
  •  Rachael Maskell, Unite National Officer;
  •  Tom Healy (NERI);
  •  Barry Finnegan (ATTAC Ireland);
  •  Heidi Lougheed (Head of Trade Policy, IBEC)

4.50: Concluding remarks from keynote speakers and Congress

5.00: End of Seminar

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The real scandal is financial regulation. European banking officials who bought AAA rated assets didn't do anything non-conservative. It was regulatory failure on the US side and expansive monetary policy that caused the housing bubble and the European economy paid the price. How on earth would our EU officials propose that we should approximate our financial regulation with the ones of the United States? Didn't we learn the lesson from Commissioner McCreevy's naive approach?


We don´t need TTIP! Citizens must have enviromental conservation, consumer protection - and democracy!!!

Ingrid Rosenkvist


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