13 November 2014

Invitation to a Breakfast Briefing on TTIP with UK Minister for Trade Lord Livingston - 13th November

Where: Salons, European Parliament, Brussels
When: Thursday 13th November 8-9.30am

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The UK Minister of State for Trade, Lord Livingston, and the UK Permanent Representative to the EU, Ivan Rogers,request the pleasure of your company at a Breakfast Briefing on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)  for UK MEPsco-hosted by Emma McClarkin MEP and David Martin MEP


Where: Salons, European Parliament,  BrusselsWhen:Thursday 13th November 8-9.30am


RSVP by Wednesday 5th November to

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Philip Denner

I am not in favour of a trade deal which will simply further enhance the power of international corporoations over elected governments in the EU and the EU itself. The proposals for tax payer reimbursement to corproations where new laws affect future profits is the last straw. Goldman Sachs has more power in the EU than the Parliament. Let's not make it worse.

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