20 October 2016


Press Event & Lunch: Marquee on the Esplanade Plaza outside the European Parliament, 11:00am

The Citizens’ CETA Summit

Marquee on the Esplanade, European Parliament

Thursday October 20 2016

11:00 - 12:45: (including lunch)

We invite members of the press to join us for a Marquee Press Event and Lunch on the plaza outside the European Parliament (Solidarność 1980 Esplanade) to highlight the concerns surrounding ‘CETA’- the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU, at 11:00 on Thursday 20 October. 

Mayors, councillors and regional representatives who have declared their regions ‘TTIP/CETA free zones’ from across the EU, will join with MEPs, Canadian guests, and NGOs to meet the press and highlight the issues of concern during an important week for the CETA negotiations.  


Over 150 official representatives from local, national and EU level as well as civil society leaders will publicly sign a statement in opposition to provisions in the CETA deal. A group photo with the statement will be taken at 11:30, with opportunities for questions or one-on-one interviews mayors, local councillors, MEPs and NGO representatives. An updated study 'Making Sense of CETA' will also be launched at the event. A ‘CETA-free’ lunch will be opened by Slow Food from 12:00.


The gathering comes at a crucial moment for the CETA negotiations. Trade Ministers will have agreed to sign and provisionally apply CETA two days beforehand on October 18. Discussions at the EU Summit on October 20-21 will continue on trade, CETA and TTIP during our counter-summit. The following week, Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau is scheduled to officially sign CETA with EU officials at the EU-Canada Summit on October 27/28. It is therefore a key moment to raise concerns, and highlight the opposition to CETA and other deals currently under negotiation.

Further information:

Full programme for the Citizens' CETA Summit

A Transatlantic Gathering of Local & Public Representatives

The European Parliament, Brussels

October 20, 2016


Invitation on behalf of MEPs Yannick Jadot (Greens/EFA), Marie Arena (S&D),

Helmut Scholz (GUE), Tiziana Beghin (EFDD) & the TTIP Free Zones European Network


For registration please visit the Green/EFA website

Public Event (Marquee on the Esplanade Esplanade Solidarność 1980)

10:00: Registration opens / Press interviews with mayors/MEPs/NGOs

11:00: Press Event

Joint Welcoming Statement by Ska Keller (Greens/EFA MEP), Gerardo Pisarello, (vice mayor Barcelona), Amir Khadir (Quebec Solidaire, National Assembly of Quebec, Canada) & Alexandra Strickner (TTIP/CETA European Free zone network Representative, Attac Austria)

11:30: Public Signing of Statement against CETA, TTIP by mayors/councillors, MEPs, Canadian Representatives & Civil Society Representatives

11:45: Group photo with MEPs, mayors/councillors, MEPs, Canadian Representatives & Civil Society Representatives

12:00: Closing Statement by Yannick Jadot MEP and welcome invitation to Grenoble by Eric Piolle (Mayor of Grenoble)

12:15: Launch of new study on CETA presented by Scott Sinclair (Centre for Policy Alternatives Canada) & Peter Fuchs (PowerShift e.V)/ Lucile Falgueyrac (Seattle to Brussels Network)

12:30CETA-free lunch opened by Marta Messa (Slow Food)/ : Press interview time with mayors/MEPs/NGOs

Lunch organised by Slow Food, presenting Slow Food Presidia products and PDO products, focusing on challenges CETA poses for sustainable agriculture.


Afternoon Conference, European Parliament (JAN 2Q2)

13:15 – 13:45: registration and access for guests, at EP Luxembourg Entrance.

“Raising our voices against CETA”

14:00: Opening welcome by MEPs Ska Keller (Greens/EFA) Maria Arena (S&D) Helmut Scholz (GUE) Tiziana Beghin (EFDD)

14:15: New economic assessments, Pierre Kohler, Tufts University

14:30: Roundtable debate with representatives from European cities and regions

15:15: coffee break / Mayors interviews with press

15:30: Panel I: Exclusive Investor Rights & the Impact on Local Democracy

Professor Angus Van Harten, Laurens Ankersmit (ClientEarth) Scott Sinclair (Center for Policy Alternatives Canada)

16:15: Q&A

16:30: Panel II: CETA: the Impact of Services Liberalisation on Local Authorities

Penny Clarke, EPSU, Stuart Trew, Centre for Policy Alternatives (Canada)

17:15: Q&A

17:30: Closing of the Summit: next steps-

Yannick Jadot (Greens/EFA MEP), Representatives of Mayors (tbc) Amir Khadir (Quebec Solidaire, National Assembly of Quebec, Canada) & Elena Mazzoni (Stop TTIP Italy, tbc)

The event will be livestreamed

For registration please visit the Green/EFA website

For further information, please contact

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