17 November 2014

Heinrich Böll Stiftung - re:negotiate (ttip)

Monday, November 17, 2014 (10.00 am - 7.00 pm)
Heinrich Böll Stiftung
Schumannstr. 8
10117 Berlin

Heinrich Böll Stiftung - re:negotiate (ttip)

International Forum for Stakeholders and Experts

Monday, November 17, 2014 (10.00 am - 7.00 pm) Heinrich Böll Stiftung Schumannstr. 8 10117 Berlin

The ongoing negotiations about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have been accompanied by two massive campaigns: The trade und industry lobbies have been portray-ing the prospective treaty as a promise for economies and strategic cooperation in Europe, the US and beyond. Large shares of global civil societies have been mobilizing against the treaty - they point to the risks for consumer protection, environment and justice around the world.

During this conference we look at what has been accomplished and discuss what lies ahead. We broaden the topics and invite voices from outside Germany and Europe to bring their perspectives to the table. We offer an opportunity for stakeholders and experts to discuss and learn from each other about issues that might one day determine how we live, trade and consume.

The open discussion format allows to gain new perspectives and participate in discussions. Civil society representatives are invited to distribute their materials and advocate for their causes at open tables. A networking room offers an opportunity to reconnect with old partners and make new contacts.

Register through the Heinrich Böll Stiftung site.

09.30 am Registration

10.00 am Welcome and Introduction Daniel Hamilton, Executive Director, Center for Transatlantic Relations, Johns Hopkins University, USA Ralf Fücks, President, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany

10:30 am Racing to the bottom or greening the trade? TTIP, climate change and energy policy Nick Mabey, Director E3G, UK Kristine Berzina, German Marshall Fund of the United States Maja Volland, Friends of the Earth, Germany Chair: Bastian Hermisson, Office Director, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Brussels

11.45 am Break

12:00 pm Engaging or Dictating? What TTIP means for the world Vladislav Inosemzev, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia Cisel Ileri, IKV: Economic Development Foundation, Turkey Barbara Unmüßig, President, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany Chair: Daniel Hamilton, Center for Transatlantic Relations, Washington

01.15 pm Lunch Break

02.15 pm Unleashing Markets in a Digital Age: TTIP and global data transfer Glyn Moody, Author and Journalist, UK Renate Künast, Member of the German Bundestag Peter Chase, Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Erika Mann, Managing Director Public Policy, Facebook Inc.* Chair: Ralf Bendrath, Senior Advisor, European Parliament

03:30 pm Coffee Break

03:45 pm Workshops

WORKSHOP I: Investor-State Dispute Settlement: how the public discourse makes a difference Nils Meyer-Ohlendorf, Ecologic Institute, Berlin Jörg Wolf, Atlantic-Community, Berlin

WORKSHOP II: Is regulatory cooperation the next big thing? Christiane Gerstetter, Ecologic Institute, Berlin Ernst-Christoph Stolper, BUND, Berlin

04:45 pm Coffee Break

05:00 pm "The West 2.0" – Is TTIP the right response to globalization? Elena Bryan, Senior Trade Representative at the U.S. Mission to the European Union Reinhard Bütikofer, Member of the European Parliament, Germany Maya Rostowska, Polish Institute of International Affairs, Poland Daniela Schwarzer, German Marshall Fund of the United States* Lutz Weischer, Germanwatch e.V., Germany* Chair: Sergey Lagodinsky, Head of Department EU/North America, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Germany

06:15 pm Coffee Break

06:30 pm Final Discussion Representatives from all panels.

07:00 pm End of conference

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