02 July 2015

Regulatory Cooperation in TTIP: Civil society stakeholders discussion with the EU Chief Negotiator

Brussels, Thursday July 2

The EESC in cooperation with the European Commission is organising on 2 July 2015 a Civil society stakeholders discussion with the EU Chief Negotiator on Regulatory Cooperation in the TTIP.


The discussion will focus on the following questions:


˗          What is the objective of the regulatory cooperation mechanism and why we need it in the TTIP? 

˗          Which sectors and which regulatory acts might be subject to regulatory cooperation?

˗          Do we need a Regulatory cooperation body?

˗          How might civil society stakeholders be involved in regulatory cooperation and in exchanges with regulatory cooperation body?

˗          Is there a risk that regulatory cooperation affects the right to regulate and leads to reduction of level of protection?

˗          Specific stakeholders recommendation for improvement of the EU Commission regulatory cooperation proposals.


You are most welcome to attend the stakeholders discussion and bring your views and contributions on the topic. If you want to make a specific statement (up to 6 minutes) on behalf of your organization regarding the EU proposed text for a regulatory cooperation chapter in TTIP, please indicate this clearly in the registration form.


If you wish to register please follow this link.


The deadline for registration is 26 June 2015


Should you have further queries please send an e-mail to


For updates and news please consult the event page. For more information on TTIP please consult the website of DG Trade.


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Tony Wilson

Secrecy and haste are the opposite of democracy.


Can you also provide an overview of TISA?

Pauline McCullen

CETA is a 'Sneaky' Instrument and was quietly making its way into Europe To 'Keep People Under Foot' these past months. We really need to Rebel Against All of These Anti-Democratic Deals. Ever Our Own Government Is Not Listening.

Frans Geys

We won't accept dictatorship in the EU. With this kind of policy, you make the European citizen a EU-hater. WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

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