05 May 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

All you need to know about this key negotiation impacting the future of Europe

All you need to know about this key negotiation impacting the future of Europe … and a unique opportunity to debate with:
Professor André SAPIR Eurodeputy Philippe LAMBERTS Director DG Trade at the European Commission Marc VANHEUKELEN
Depending on the outcome of the negotiations, your life could be changed in a far reaching way.
The objective of our conference is to give you a truly unique opportunity, as an individual and as a decision maker, to form your own personal judgment on the TTIP. Don’t miss it!
André SAPIR, as former advisor to the President of the European Commission and as a recognized expert in international trade and macroeconomics, will give you the best academic view about the current state of affairsyou could dream of.
As Head of Cabinet of the European Commissioner of Trade Karel DE GUCHT during the last 4 years, Marc VANHEUKELEN has had first-hand exposure to the TTIP negotiations. He is also an outstanding economist. No one is better positioned toexplain to us the advantages that could result from these negotiations for the Europeans.
As Eurodeputy, co-chairing the Greens/EFA political group, Philippe LAMBERTS, known as an outspoken opponent to the TTIP negotiations, might convince you to share his reasons of fighting against the adoption of the Treaty. If he cannot, no one will.
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Wednesday, May 5th, 2015

SBS-EM Building, Avenue F.D. Roosevelt 42 - 1050 Brussels Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

Parking available on the campus (entrance via Avenue Buyl or Avenue Roosevelt)

19:00 Welcome and registration
19:30 Introduction and opening remarks by Jean-Paul BISSEN(SSA Club Governance)
19:40 Keynote speech by Professor André SAPIR
20:20 Debate between Eurodeputy Philippe LAMBERTS and Director DG Trade Marc VANHEUKELEN Moderator: Michael BERTRAND (SSA Club Governance)
21:00 Questions to the panel
21:30 Networking drink
Register online before April 25, 2015
25 EUR for Solvay Schools Alumni FREE of charge for Solvay Schools Alumni paying members 2015


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What is needed is a pan-European Day for Democracy where the citizens all across Europe combine to protest on the same day.
A stay at home day perhaps.

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