02 March 2015

TTIP: Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in EU law and International Law

Joint JURI/INTA Committee hearing, European Parliament

This event further deepens the discussions started during the joint JURI/INTA hearing on TTIP: Regulatory Aspects and Investor to State Dispute Settlement and Arbitration, held on the 27th of January.
The event takes place on Monday, 2nd of March, from 15:00 – 17:00 in the EP, Brussels, room PHS 4B001.
Confirmed speakers include
·         Prof. Martti Koskenniemi (University of Helsinki, British Academy and Institut de droit international)
·         Prof. Harm Schepel (University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies)
·         Mr. Colin Brown (Deputy Head of Unit – Dispute Settlement and Legal Aspects of Trade Policy, DG Trade, European Commission)
The event will discuss about the topics such as
·         ISDS's relation to EU law and international law
·         Investment law as a branch of international law
·         What limits does the European Court of Justice set to the ISDS?
·         Case law of the investment tribunals
Live stream also available here starting at 15.00  (GMT+1)

More info on the event here

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George Farmer

TTIP must never be signed. Any legislation that relies upon secrete courts is totally undemocratic. Every action must be able to be scrutinised by the electorate. The only possible excuse for secrecy would be national security never trade deals or the management of trade deals. There can be no way that it is acceptable for a corporate body to sue a national government in secret. No way can this agreement be signed without the authority of the electorate. It is as important as membership of the EU. So a referendum will be necessary to ensure that democratic responsibility is preserved

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