20 February 2015

The TTIP’s impact: bringing in the missing issue

Martin Myant, ETUI and Ronan O’Brien, independent researcher more

20 February 2015

Regulatory cooperation at the core of TTIP and its likely consequences

Ronan O’Brien, Independent researcher, Brussels more

19 February 2015


European Parliament Key studies - Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) more

05 February 2015

What’s wrong with TTIP: Voices opposing the EU–US trade agreement

New booklet produced by Jean Lambert MEP more

29 January 2015

TTIP – A Power Boost For Big Business

The risks of TTIP in a broad range of policy areas such as consumer protection or social and environmental standards are systematically being played down. In addition, and even more concerning, power is likely to shift even further towards big business. The proposed agreement therefore needs to be rejected more

26 January 2015

TTIP- A Good Deal?

Since mid-2013, the United States and the European Union
have been negotiating a so-called free trade agreement, by now
labeled “Transatlantic trade and investment partnership” or TTIP in
short. We suggest here that TTIP is a bad deal. more

09 January 2015

WORKING DOCUMENT, in view of preparing the draft report on Parliament's recommendations to the

Committee on International Trade
Rapporteur: Bernd Lange more

25 November 2014

Opening the windows: Commission commits to enhanced transparency

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said: "We could do the best possible work but it will be worth nothing if we do not earn the support and trust of the citizens we are working for. So let us be more transparent, because in fact we have nothing to hide. Let us show that this time it really is different and that together we are able to really change and renew Europe." more

25 November 2014

COMMUNICATION TO THE COMMISSION concerning transparency in TTIP negotiations

The negotiations with the US on TTIP have, over the last year, become the object of
increased public scrutiny and a certain amount of concern in public opinion. It is
important to ensure that the general public has accurate and full information of the
EU's intentions in the negotiations, to address the concerns and to evacuate
misperceptions. The European Parliament has also called for greater transparency,
in particular as concerns access to negotiating documents. more

24 November 2014

Ombudsman: "Real progress for TTIP transparency"

"I am delighted that the Commission has taken the concerns of citizens, civil society organisations, MEPs and my own office on board to increase TTIP transparency. The negotiations have attracted unprecedented public interest, given the potential impact the deal will have on the lives of citizens. I am looking forward to receiving further details about how the Commission will enhance TTIP transparency in its reply to my inquiry which is also due this week." more