15 July 2014

TTIP: Tipped out

Unite Trade Union Document on TTIP more

15 July 2014

A New Start for Europe:My Agenda for Works, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change

A Reasonable and Balanced Free Trade Agreement with the U.S- Chapter 6. more

03 July 2014

TTIP: Please Do Not Disturb

European Green Party TTIP Booklet more

24 June 2014

Reading of the EU Service Schedule in TTIP/TISA

Information on how to read the service schedule more

24 June 2014

Initial EU service offer for Member State comment

Leaked paper from Whistleblowing Press more

06 June 2014

EU Parliament Report Highlights Flaws In Study That Touted TTIP Benefits

A European Commission study that touted the potential benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) used a methodology that was inherently limited in projecting the employment and wage effects of a U.S.-EU trade deal and likely overestimated potential spill-over benefits for third countries, according to a new report. more

29 May 2014

Choosing between Europe and the TTIP

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director, Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation more

05 May 2014

Communication of the results of the TTIP economic impact assessment

Dear Commissioner De Gucht,
The possible effects of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) currently un-der negotiation are an important matter for public debate. It is essential that the expected conse-quences of an agreement are communicated clearly and in easily understandable language to Europe’s citizens to enable and encourage this debate. People need to be well informed about the range of possible outcomes. more

15 March 2014

Financial services in TTIP?

"Corporations everywhere may well agree
that getting rid of regulations would
be good for corporate profits. Trade
negotiators might be persuaded that these
trade agreements would be good for trade
and corporate profits. But there would be
some big losers — namely, the rest of us." more