18 July 2014


This Synthesis underlines the main arguments of the book "The reality of precaution". Comparing Risk
Regulation in the United States and Europe, which shed light over the claims of a more precautionary
Europe. more

17 July 2014

EU Trade Policy: analysing the impact of TTIP

A report by Adria Belenguer for the Green European Foundation more

15 July 2014

TTIP: Tipped out

Unite Trade Union Document on TTIP more

15 July 2014

A New Start for Europe:My Agenda for Works, Growth, Fairness and Democratic Change

A Reasonable and Balanced Free Trade Agreement with the U.S- Chapter 6. more

14 July 2014

Letter on regulation of chemicals in TTIP

Over a hundred NGOs sign letter to negotiators expressing opposition to chemical regulation in TTIP more

14 July 2014

Toward a Toxic Partnership

A critique of the EU position on chemicals under the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement with the US more

03 July 2014

TTIP: Please Do Not Disturb

European Green Party TTIP Booklet more

06 June 2014

EU Parliament Report Highlights Flaws In Study That Touted TTIP Benefits

A European Commission study that touted the potential benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) used a methodology that was inherently limited in projecting the employment and wage effects of a U.S.-EU trade deal and likely overestimated potential spill-over benefits for third countries, according to a new report. more

29 May 2014

Choosing between Europe and the TTIP

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director, Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation more