26 January 2015

TTIP- A Good Deal?

Since mid-2013, the United States and the European Union
have been negotiating a so-called free trade agreement, by now
labeled “Transatlantic trade and investment partnership” or TTIP in
short. We suggest here that TTIP is a bad deal. more

26 January 2015

New Weaknesses: Despite a major win,arbitration decisions in 2014 increase the US’s future exposure to litigation and liability

The US Trade Representative’s office has made a number of statements defending its push to include investor-state arbitration in its investment treaties, including the assertion that “[a]s a country that plays by the rules and respects the rule of law, the United States has never lost an [investor-state dispute resolution (ISDS)] case.” more

13 January 2015

Online public consultation on investment protection and investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement

The negotiating directives1 for the negotiations of the Transatlantic Trade and
Investment Partnership Agreement (TTIP) foresee the inclusion of investment
protection and investor-to-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provided a number of
conditions are met. Investment protection and ISDS have been at the forefront of a
vigorous public debate in the EU on TTIP. The Commission therefore organised a
public consultation between 27 March and 13 July 2014 to develop further the EU
approach on these important issues that matter to Europeans. more

09 January 2015

WORKING DOCUMENT, in view of preparing the draft report on Parliament's recommendations to the

Committee on International Trade
Rapporteur: Bernd Lange more

04 December 2014

The hidden cost of EU trade deals: Investor-state Dispute Settlement against EU Member States

This report compiles all publicly available data on investor-state dispute settlement cases taken against EU member states since 1994. It highlights the irrefutable attack on recent EU accession countries and the environment, as well as the cost this system has already had on EU taxpayers and European democracy. more

02 December 2014

TTIP – The Road to Corporate Slavery

Transatlantic partnership for trade and investment (TTIP) go far beyond the economic issues and the expertise. It affects the very functioning of the modern constitutional state, the capacity of governments to implement policies in the public interest and the civic rights. This report sets some highlights of sovereign Bulgarian reading of TTIP, major risks and specific recommendations to government institutions. more

02 December 2014

Tens of Thousands of U.S. Firms Would Obtain New Powers to Launch Investor-State Attacks against European Policies via CETA and TTIP

81 Percent of U.S. Firms in the EU Could Launch ISDS Attacks with CETA Alone; U.S. Corporations Are the Most Aggressive Users of the ISDS Regime more

24 November 2014

TTIP – The Growth and Employment Engine that Couldn’t

The European Commission is an enthusiastic cheerleader for TTIP. Against the background of the continued sufferings of many EU countries from the dramatic consequences of the global economic crisis and their inability to kick-start their economies due to the shackles of austerity policy the European Commission is inevitably attracted by »a comprehensive agreement covering all sectors [which] would be overwhelmingly positive, opening up trade and bringing a welcome boost to economic growth and job creation on both sides of the Atlantic. more

16 November 2014

Statement on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

We remain committed, as we were when we launched these negotiations in June 2013, to build
upon the strong foundation of our six decades of economic partnership to promote stronger,
sustainable and balanced growth, to support the creation of more jobs on both sides of the Atlantic
and to increase our international competitiveness. more

11 November 2014

New research study: TTIP will have adverse effects on GDP, exports and jobs

Translation of article published November 11, 2014 in the Danish daily news paper Information more