28 April 2015

Chinese Free Trade is No Threat to American Free Trade

Simon Lester, April 2015 more

23 April 2015

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP): A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy -- UPDATED EDITION

When the first edition of this booklet was published in spring 2014, few people could have predicted that TTIP would soon become one of the hottest political topics in Europe. TTIP has become a key political issue in many countries, with growing media interest feeding off public fear at the substantial dangers that the agreement will bring. That is why we updated our publication on TTIP by John Hilary.

The concerns detailed in the first edition of our booklet remain as valid today as when it was first published, given that the central design of TTIP itself remains unchanged. For this reason, the original text is reproduced in this updated version exactly as before. Yet there have also been political developments over the past year which add to our understanding of the full meaning of TTIP and its likely impacts on society and the environment. The new preface outlines those developments, with references to primary sources, so that readers will have the full range of materials available in assessing the threat that TTIP represents. more

13 April 2015

TTIP talks: What's Cooking? Perspectives on Food & Farming

Report summarising the presentations and discussions at the conference 'TTIP talks - What's Cooking? Perspectives on Food and Farming', hosted by Greens/EFA at the European Parliament, December 2014 more

01 April 2015

TTIP: pourquoi le reste du monde devrait-il rester sur ses gardes

Dans le document de travail, nous examinons sous différents angles les raisons pour lesquelles
les organisations de défense des droits de l’homme, les organisations de consommateurs et
de nombreux autres types d’organisations de par le monde qui œuvrent en faveur d’un monde
différent du dogme néolibéral chéri par les entreprises devraient accorder une attention
particulière au TTIP. more

01 April 2015

TTIP ¿por qué el resto del mundo se debería de preocupar?

En el presente documento analizamos desde distintos ángulos por qué las organizaciones de
derechos humanos, medioambientales, de defensa de los derechos de los consumidores y otros
tipos de agentes de todo el mundo, que trabajan para crear un mundo apartado del dogma
neoliberal centrado en los intereses empresariales, deberían prestar especial atención a la ATCI. more

01 April 2015

TTIP: Why the Rest of the World Should Beware

In this paper, we explore from various angles why human rights, environmental, consumer
advocate and many other types of organizations all over the world that are working toward a
world different from the corporate-led neoliberal dogma, should pay special attention to TTIP. more

01 April 2015

Statement: EU trade secrets directive threat to free speech, health, environment and worker mobility

Multi-sectoral civil society coalition calls for greater protections for consumers, journalists, whistleblowers, researchers and workers more

30 March 2015

Climate or TTIP: Make Your Choice

Maxime Combes and Amélie Cannone more