14 October 2015

Public Services Under Attack

TTIP, CETA, and the secretive collusion between business lobbyists and trade negotiators, joint study by CEO, AITEC, EPSU, IGO, War On Want, TNI, AK. more

22 September 2015

Ratification Process of CETA and TTIP in the EU Member States

A study detailing the "mixed agreement" nature of CETA & TTIP, and the role of national parliaments more

24 June 2015

TTIP and Health

Position Paper from The European Consumer Organisation more

15 June 2015

"ISDS" in the TTIP

The Devil is in the Details more

15 June 2015

The European Commission's Push to Consolidate and Expand ISDS

An Assessment of the Proposed Canada-Europe CETA and Europe-Singapore FTA more

06 May 2015

Investment in TTIP and beyond – the path for reform

Enhancing the right to regulate and moving from current ad hoc arbitration towards an Investment Court more