25 June 2014

Letter on the role of national parliaments in free trade agreements

Letter signed by the Chairpersons of 16 Parliamentary European Affairs Committees calling for TTIP to be ratified by national parliaments. more

24 June 2014

Reading of the EU Service Schedule in TTIP/TISA

Information on how to read the service schedule more

24 June 2014

Initial EU service offer for Member State comment

Leaked paper from Whistleblowing Press more

06 June 2014

EU Parliament Report Highlights Flaws In Study That Touted TTIP Benefits

A European Commission study that touted the potential benefits of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) used a methodology that was inherently limited in projecting the employment and wage effects of a U.S.-EU trade deal and likely overestimated potential spill-over benefits for third countries, according to a new report. more

29 May 2014

Choosing between Europe and the TTIP

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director, Madariaga – College of Europe Foundation more

27 May 2014

Center for Food Safety: TTIP Impacts on Food and Farming

Report Warns TTIP Could Undermine Critical Food Safety and Environmental Regulations more

23 May 2014

10 reasons TTIP is bad for good food and farming

Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy (USA) more