17 October 2017

CETA ratification process: Latest developments

European Parliament Research Service document more

04 September 2017

Letter concerning the Renca reserve, Brazil and the EU-Mercosur Trade Deal

A letter signed by Green MEPs to Trade Commissioner Malmstrom more

12 July 2017

Overview of FTA and other trade negotiations (July 2017)

Published by the European Commission more

08 February 2017

Greens/EFA CETA Resolution

The resolution of the Green/EFA Group on CETA, due to be voted on February 15 more

10 January 2017

Civil society call to support the ENVI Draft Opinion

On whether to recommend giving consent to CETA. more

08 December 2016

Trade Policy making in the EU - what Greens demand

Green/EFA Group Position on Procedural Trade elements 23/11/16 more

08 December 2016

EMPL Committee

Negative Opinion 08/12/2016 more

08 August 2016

Nettelsbach study on Impact on Local Authorities

Extracts in English and French more

06 July 2016

Open Letter to President Schulz

Letter by 65+ public interest groups warning on red lines crossed in TTIP more