23 June 2014

Take action! Say NO to ISDS

Let the European Commission know that you reject privileged rights for private investors!

Simon McKeagney, Editor

Update: The consultation has been extended until July 13th! 

This consultation was extended to 13 July on account of the high interest as well as the increase of participation in the last days of the consultation and the fact that the system was temporarily down on 3 July due to technical problems thereby preventing a number of respondents from answering the consultation.

With less than two weeks left for submissions to the European Commission's 'public consultation' on the controversial Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) in TTIP, AK EUROPA (the Brussels office of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour), the ÖGB Europabüro (the Brussels office of the Austrian Trade Union Federation), and Friends of the Earth Europe have teamed up to provide a helpful campaign tool for answering the complex 12-question survey. 

The consultation, which is riddled with trade-specific terminology that the majority of the public will struggle to comprehend, has been criticised for failing to include the most basic of questions- 'do you want ISDS in TTIP?'

'It is of fundamental importance that we send a clear and strong message to the European Commission. Take part in the consultation and help us push back unjustified privileges for private investors at the expense of people and societies as a whole!'

The No2ISDS petition site, which has now over 3000 signatures, will be available until the consultation period closes on July 6 2014.

You can say NO to ISDS here: 

Read more about ISDS on our blog.

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