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19 May 2014

TTIP will mean higher standards for financial services? The opposite is true.

Pressure from the European financial industry to be included in the deal is at the expense of stability and our citizens. more

16 May 2014

Council fails to agree on release of EU TTIP mandate

Decision further demonstrates the lack of commitment to full transparency in the talks more

25 March 2014

No progress points to one thing: no need.

Both sides cannot compromise, nor should they. So lets quit while we’re ahead. more

11 March 2014

All Give and No Take

Do those negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership have any interest in democracy? Here’s a test. more

08 March 2014

REVEALED: EU position exposed in first leak by Green MEPs on secret EU-US TTIP negotiations

German MEPs Ska Kellar, Rebecca Harms, and Sven Giegold leak position paper in German in the name of transparency more

03 December 2013

“Managing Transparency”

Politicians and officials are desperately seeking to justify their transatlantic assault on democracy. more