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TTIP covers many issues that impact citizens across the EU and USA. In this section you'll find articles, analysis and opinion pieces covering a range of concerns, themes and issues. Use the filter buttons to choose particular themes or languages.

04 April 2014

Trade Agreements? The EU can do better than this

Italy's upcoming presidency of the EU and the European Elections are opportunities to change the approach of transatlantic relations. more

03 April 2014

Busting the EPP’s Mythbuster: half-truths are not the full story with TTIP

The EPP and all groups in the European Parliament need to be more cautious and vigilant about the TTIP deal more

26 March 2014

How low can you go? Greens rally outside the European Parliament against TTIP's "race to the bottom"

US-EU summit today will discuss the free trade deal, which the Greens believe presents real risks to a range of standards and protections for citizens. more

25 March 2014

No progress points to one thing: no need.

Both sides cannot compromise, nor should they. So lets quit while we’re ahead. more

25 March 2014

TTIP: nothing new yet on this transatlantic front

A TTIP that would improve standards would be welcome. Unfortunately, that is not what has been offered so far. more

25 March 2014

What is a trade deal for if it doesn’t even create trade?

Guest blog: Trade diversion through TTIP will affect European integration, the environment and workers. more

24 March 2014

Obama's on his way to Brussels to negotiate a 'Polluters Pact'

TTIP a genuine threat to our environment, and our democracy. It's time to stop this polluters' pact in its tracks, before it's too late. more

17 March 2014

Week of debate and protest marks 4th round of TTIP talks

Highlights from civil society action in Brussels March 10 - 14 more

13 March 2014

Green MEPs say NO to the TTIP agenda

TTIP is not transparent, undercuts our democratic values and poses real risks to our citizens more

11 March 2014

All Give and No Take

Do those negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership have any interest in democracy? Here’s a test. more