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09 October 2014

CETA: Canadian deal weakened key EU regulation

Backroom bargaining on toxic tar sands shows true nature of trade deal more

09 October 2014

Accord de libre-échange avec le Canada : l'accord qui affaiblit une règlementation clé de l'UE

Des négociations en coulisses sur les sables bitumineux pourtant toxiques pour l'environnement et la santé montre la vraie nature de cet accord commercial. more

09 October 2014

Council agrees release of EU TTIP mandate

Greens welcome decision as a first step in the move toward real transparency more

09 October 2014

Négociations TAFTA: un coup d'État du Conseil?

Pas d'inventaire politique le 14 octobre à Rome mais une rencontre de Froman avec les ministres européens du commerce. more

07 October 2014

TTIP Talks: a Council coup d'état?

No US-Commission stocktaking in Rome on October 14, but Froman will meet trade ministers. more

29 September 2014

TTIP's energy chapter: a key to "lock-in" climate chaos

Guest blog: Not only would the inclusion of an energy chapter fail to address energy security in the EU, it will also create bigger, potentially catastrophic, problems for the future. more

25 September 2014

Oh Canada! CETA killed off the FQD

What you won’t hear at this week’s EU-Canada summit more

22 September 2014

The ECI rejection: a silver-lining on a dark cloud?

The Commission’s own-goal may only serve to bolster citizens’ determination more

22 September 2014

EU Ombudsman opens public consultation on transparency in TTIP

Public are invited to submit proposals by October 31 more

12 September 2014

Commission pushes ISDS for CETA despite remaining concerns

Deal unlikely to be initialled as ambiguity over investor protection mechanism continues more