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30 May 2014

TTIP in the headlines

A round up of TTIP coverage in Europe this week 26 - 30 May 2014 more

29 May 2014

Talks get ‘technical’ as negotiators push harder issues to 2015

Issues arising from the 5th round of talks in Arlington, Virginia May 19 - 23 more

22 May 2014

Canada acts to protect public interest, the EU declines: unfinished business of CETA is a bad sign for TTIP

Perhaps the Canadian trade minister should replace Karel De Gucht, argues Gaëlle Krikorian more

17 April 2014

Does ISDS have any place in our democracy or trade agreements?

Commission’s so-called ‘public consultation’ leaves no room for this fundamental question more

16 April 2014

Grand majority of Parliament votes in favour of a regulation on investor-state lawsuits - Greens sharply criticise the result

Greens are against the inclusion of ISDS in trade agreements, as the EU is currently planning in the agreements with Singapore, Canada and the United States more

14 April 2014

Commission to host stakeholder meeting on investment protection in TTIP

Meeting to discuss the online consultation and exchange views will be on May 13th in Brussels. more

04 April 2014

Trade Agreements? The EU can do better than this

Italy's upcoming presidency of the EU and the European Elections are opportunities to change the approach of transatlantic relations. more

01 April 2014

Why the time is right to acknowledge what is wrong with investor-state dispute settlement

Clever drafting of an ISDS clause in TTIP is unlikely to reduce any of the risks. more

27 March 2014

Public consultation on ISDS investor protection launched today

90 days to cement public opposition against plans for investor-only safeguards in TTIP. more

26 March 2014

Investor-state lawsuits threaten democracy

The resistance against investor privileges in TTIP continues to grow. We Greens will do everything to ensure that ISDS is excluded from TTIP. more