Investment Protection

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TTIP covers many issues that impact citizens across the EU and USA. In this section you'll find articles, analysis and opinion pieces covering a range of concerns, themes and issues. Use the filter buttons to choose particular themes or languages.

01 April 2014

Why the time is right to acknowledge what is wrong with investor-state dispute settlement

Clever drafting of an ISDS clause in TTIP is unlikely to reduce any of the risks. more

27 March 2014

Public consultation on ISDS investor protection launched today

90 days to cement public opposition against plans for investor-only safeguards in TTIP. more

26 March 2014

Investor-Staat-Klagen gefährden die Demokratie

Warum ist der Klagemechanismus gefährlich? more

26 March 2014

Investor-state lawsuits threaten democracy

The resistance against investor privileges in TTIP continues to grow. We Greens will do everything to ensure that ISDS is excluded from TTIP. more

21 March 2014

Finance Watch: TTIP risks ‘race to the bottom’ in financial services regulation

There is "no proven case for including financial regulation in the EU-US trade deal." more

14 March 2014

Concerns remain in EU-Canada deal admits EU Commission, prompting further questions on investor protection.

Council of Canadians and PowerShift Germany call for the suspension of CETA talks for consultation on investment chapter more

14 March 2014

Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag

The Financial Times has learned that Germany wants ISDS out of the agreement more

12 March 2014

ISDS one of many risks that could sink TTIP deal

Business and negotiator support for ISDS is out of step with the public and their representatives. more

07 March 2014

Press release: New website raises awareness on EU’s controversial policies for investment protection

The site will look "behind closed doors" at EU free trade deals with US and Canada. more