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01 October 2014

EU citizens don’t want their democracy undermined by ISDS. And they are not alone.

Guest blog: The campaign against TTIP and CETA has rightly identified investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) as a serious problem for democracy and development, but it should be remembered that western Europe is not its primary victim. more

30 September 2014

Malmström hearing: in-out ISDS stance fails to convince

Commissioner-designate back tracks, providing little in the way of a "new start" for TTIP talks more

29 September 2014

Malmström embroiled in fresh ISDS controversy as EP hearing commences

Tough questions ahead for future trade commissioner after weekend of flip-flopping more

22 September 2014

The ECI rejection: a silver-lining on a dark cloud?

The Commission’s own-goal may only serve to bolster citizens’ determination more

17 September 2014

Investor State Dispute Settlement dominates CETA debate in Strasbourg

MEPs raise doubts on whether Canadian deal will pass Parliament scrutiny in 2015 more

12 September 2014

Commission pushes ISDS for CETA despite remaining concerns

Deal unlikely to be initialled as ambiguity over investor protection mechanism continues more

02 September 2014

What would a positive TTIP look like?

Opposition to TTIP across Europe is not anti-trade. Nor is it anti-American argues John Hilary more

27 July 2014

Did you take action on ISDS? EU Trade Commissioner says you didn’t.

Commission considering counting thousands of responses as “one”. more

17 July 2014

Do the Commission’s assurances on TTIP stack up?

Examining the issues of ISDS, public services and GMOs more

16 July 2014

A political issue whose time has come

TTIP is being dragged kicking and screaming into the light more