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TTIP covers many issues that impact citizens across the EU and USA. In this section you'll find articles, analysis and opinion pieces covering a range of concerns, themes and issues. Use the filter buttons to choose particular themes or languages.

30 May 2014

TTIP in the headlines

A round up of TTIP coverage in Europe this week 26 - 30 May 2014 more

29 May 2014

Talks get ‘technical’ as negotiators push harder issues to 2015

Issues arising from the 5th round of talks in Arlington, Virginia May 19 - 23 more

21 May 2014

Who is lying, Commissioner De Gucht?

Targeting the Greens might play well with some business leaders in Brussels, but you have hundreds of civil society groups to answer to, too. more

20 May 2014

TTIP – what kind of growth?

TTIP puts the interests of business at the top of the list of priorities. And that's exactly the problem argues Slow Food Europe. more

30 April 2014

READ: U.S. Meat Export Federation letter to USTR

Lobby letter emphasises importance of eliminating EU bans on hormones and ractopamine in meat more

30 April 2014

Japan’s 5 sacred cows: a lesson for EU’s TTIP approach

Despite EU assertions, nothing is 'off-the-table' in TTIP talks. more

26 March 2014

We defend the right to healthy, safe food: We won't trade this away in TTIP

We will not let our hard-won standards for food be dismantled in front of our eyes more

12 March 2014

Europe's fear of U.S. hormone meat, GM food sows divide in trade talks

"Enormous gulf" exposed that threatens the world's biggest trade pact Reuters reports more