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13 October 2015

TTIP in Austria- national Green perspectives

In the first in the series we look at the TTIP campaign in Austria, which has one of the lowest acceptance-levels for TTIP in Europe according to the polls. So what stirred public opposition? Sebastian Wedl reports more

07 October 2015

Self-organised ECI reaches 3 million signatures!

Greens join in celebrating huge milestone for citizen engagement against TTIP, CETA more

25 September 2015

US using TTIP as vehicle to attack European GMO laws

Far from defending further safeguards, the Commission moves to water-down risk assessment procedures for agri-biotech, prompting concerns from national regulators. more

22 September 2015

The fatal flaw in TTIP’s ‘gold standard’

Proponents claim TTIP will ‘level up’ standards for global trade, but is there any evidence? more

21 September 2015

ANALYSIS: Does the Commission’s new proposal mark the end of ISDS?

Examining the key points under the new ‘International Court System’ in TTIP more

16 September 2015

ISDS is dead! Long live ISDS!

New acronym in play but old private courts for investors remain intact more

09 July 2015

TTIP resolution pushed through, as dishonesty wins the day in the European Parliament

Final vote comes to 436 in favour, 241 against, with citizen concerns largely dropped from text. more

24 June 2015

Bruised ‘Fast-track’ scrapes past US Senate, as outcry mirrored on both sides of the Atlantic

US Congress and European Parliament both wide-awake to trade concerns more

10 June 2015

Accusations fly as EPP & S&D exchange fire over TTIP-vote postponement, but both are to blame.

In the end, citizens won’t be fooled by political posturing argues Yannick Jadot, INTA coordinator, more

05 June 2015

Distorted facts, blatant lies: business group's big push to get ISDS through

Emails by lobby firm BUSINESSEUROPE to MEPs sowing disinformation ahead of crucial TTIP vote more