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09 April 2014

‘Limited economic gains and considerable downside risks’ - new study challenges optimistic groupthink on EU-US trade deal.

Job displacement, social costs and revenue losses under TTIP cannot be left unaddressed by policy-makers. more

04 April 2014

Trade Agreements? The EU can do better than this

Italy's upcoming presidency of the EU and the European Elections are opportunities to change the approach of transatlantic relations. more

03 April 2014

Busting the EPP’s Mythbuster: half-truths are not the full story with TTIP

The EPP and all groups in the European Parliament need to be more cautious and vigilant about the TTIP deal more

01 April 2014

Why the time is right to acknowledge what is wrong with investor-state dispute settlement

Clever drafting of an ISDS clause in TTIP is unlikely to reduce any of the risks. more

27 March 2014

Public consultation on ISDS investor protection launched today

90 days to cement public opposition against plans for investor-only safeguards in TTIP. more

26 March 2014

Investor-state lawsuits threaten democracy

The resistance against investor privileges in TTIP continues to grow. We Greens will do everything to ensure that ISDS is excluded from TTIP. more

26 March 2014

Concerns about TTIP not just in Europe: interview with US State Legislator, Sharon Treat

Access to affordable medicines, protection of high labour and environmental standards are all at risk under TTIP says Sharon Treat, which she believes is a deal for international corporations that simply don’t want to play by the rules. more

26 March 2014

We defend the right to healthy, safe food: We won't trade this away in TTIP

We will not let our hard-won standards for food be dismantled in front of our eyes more

26 March 2014

How low can you go? Greens rally outside the European Parliament against TTIP's "race to the bottom"

US-EU summit today will discuss the free trade deal, which the Greens believe presents real risks to a range of standards and protections for citizens. more

25 March 2014

No progress points to one thing: no need.

Both sides cannot compromise, nor should they. So lets quit while we’re ahead. more