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15 May 2014

Mass arrests at TTIP protest this morning in Brussels

Greens caught up in police crackdown outside the European Business Summit more

05 May 2014

Abuse of free trade can harm your health

The adoption of the transatlantic treaty can threaten health protection in Europe, explains Michelle Rivasi and Yannick Jadot, MEPs EELV more

30 April 2014

READ: U.S. Meat Export Federation letter to USTR

Lobby letter emphasises importance of eliminating EU bans on hormones and ractopamine in meat more

30 April 2014

Japan’s 5 sacred cows: a lesson for EU’s TTIP approach

Despite EU assertions, nothing is 'off-the-table' in TTIP talks. more

29 April 2014

Italy: new coalition joins growing opposition to TTIP across the EU

Interview with Monica Di Sisto, coordinator with Campagna Stop TTIP Italia more

17 April 2014

Does ISDS have any place in our democracy or trade agreements?

Commission’s so-called ‘public consultation’ leaves no room for this fundamental question more

16 April 2014

Mehrheit des Parlaments stimmt für eine Verordnung zu Investor-Staat-Klagen - Grüne kritisieren das Ergebnis scharf

Wir Grünen sind gegen die Aufnahme von ISDS in Handelsabkommen, so wie das die EU aktuell in den Abkommen mit Singapur, Kanada und den USA plant. more

16 April 2014

Grand majority of Parliament votes in favour of a regulation on investor-state lawsuits - Greens sharply criticise the result

Greens are against the inclusion of ISDS in trade agreements, as the EU is currently planning in the agreements with Singapore, Canada and the United States more

14 April 2014

The false promise of EU-US trade talks

Rather than represent ‘the cheapest stimulus package you can imagine’ the deal is a distraction that is unlikely to significantly boost growth. more

14 April 2014

Commission to host stakeholder meeting on investment protection in TTIP

Meeting to discuss the online consultation and exchange views will be on May 13th in Brussels. more