30 April 2014

READ: U.S. Meat Export Federation letter to USTR

Lobby letter emphasises importance of eliminating EU bans on hormones and ractopamine in meat

Simon McKeagney, Editor

A letter dated 10 May 2013 from the U.S. Meat Export Federation to the United States Trade Representative emphasises the need for TTIP to lift the EU ban on certain imports of beef and pork treated with hormones and chemicals. The letter, uploaded online on April 29th 2014 gives some insight into the offensive interests of some America's largest agri-industries. Such interests now continue to be pushed by the US negotiating team, despite the Commission insisting that such topics are "not up for discussion" on the European side.

'We wish to emphasize that an agreement that eliminates duties on beef and pork but leaves the EU’s hormone and ractopamine bans in place will be of limited value to the U.S beef and pork industries'

The letter also notes that the different EU-US approaches are 'fundamental to the two societies' but presses that the EU could be convinced through a 'process of education' such as seminars, conferences and 'involving "thought leaders" from both sides of the ocean'.

Full letter is below:

TTIP Lobby letter of U.S. Meat Export Federation by bi2458

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