09 June 2014

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News from June 2 - 8

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1) Major Hurdles Still Remain in Trans-Atlantic Trade Talks - New York Times, 02/06/14

BRUSSELS — When President Obama announced plans for a wide-ranging trans-Atlantic trade pact early last year, it was welcomed by European Union leaders as a debt-free way to boost economic growth in a region encompassing about half of the global economy.

More than a year later, as the leaders of the Group of 7 industrialized nations prepare to meet here, talks on the initiative, called the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, have hit major roadblocks, with opposition growing in both the United States and Europe. Continue reading>

2) Deal or no deal? EU-Canada trade deal falters at final hurdle - Reuters, 02/06/14

(Reuters) - Canada and the European Union are struggling to finalize a multibillion-dollar trade pact six months after political leaders said it was sealed, an embarrassment for Brussels as it seeks a far bigger deal with the United States.

Over a celebratory lunch last October, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso termed the accord "a landmark achievement for the transatlantic market" that could come into force next year. Continue reading> 

3) Paris trade talks threat over US BNP fine - Financial Times, 03/06/14

France on Tuesday warned of potential consequences for transatlantic trade talks if the US pushed ahead with a $10bn-plus fine for BNP Paribas , the country’s biggest bank.

“This poses a very, very big problem,” declared Laurent Fabius, foreign minister, in the first public comments by President François Hollande’s Socialist government since it emerged that US regulators were poised to hit BNP for breaking US sanctions on Iran, Sudan and Cuba. Continue reading>

4) TTIP-Myths and Realities According to AmCham Austria - FriedlNews, 03/06/14 

The American Chamber of Commerce in Austria (AmCham Austria) promotes the expansion and strengthening of trade and commerce relations between Austria and the US. Talks on a future EU-US trade deal started in July 2013 and are set to continue throughout 2014. The talks are part of a trade and investment deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP. Continue reading> 


5) More Than Markets At Stake In Trans-Atlantic Trade Negotiations - Forbes, 04/06/14

Far too many who favor a “Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership” between the United States and the European Union are overlooking the greatest gains from such a deal. As negotiations on a “TTIP” complete a fifth round in Washington, this makes it all the harder to foresee a successful conclusion to a commercial collaboration much needed by both. Continue reading> 

6) EU's Fuel Rules Rewrite Opens The Door For Oilsands - Huffington Post, 05/06/14

Canada is about to win a major concession from the European Union, which is on the verge of removing the “dirty oil” label from Alberta oilsands product, the Financial Times and Reuters reported Thursday.

The move opens up the EU — the world’s largest common economic market — to oilsands imports. The EU’s Fuel Quality Directive had identified oilsands bitumen as a particularly carbon-heavy type of oil and as a result Canadian oil imports faced import penalties. Continue reading>

7) TTIP: EU Commissioner Defends Controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership - International Business Times, 06/06/14

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) will "change people's lives for the better", according to Karel De Gucht, the European commissioner for trade.

De Gucht defended the treaty after a number of weeks in which it faced heavy criticism. Continue reading>

8) French government consider BNP affair 'serious problem' to TTIP talks- Euractiv, 06/06/14

US regulators could impose a record-breaking fine of $10 billion (€7.34 billion) against BNP Paribas. France will call the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) into question if US threats turn into action. EurActiv France reports. Continue reading> 



9) Transatlantic trade: Hard sell- Financial Times, 08/06/14

Today the EU-US trade talks are facing a growing number of political obstacles

One morning last month Giorgio Bocedi, a rotund Italian lawyer with a practised charm, stood up in a brightly-lit university classroom in the Washington DC suburbs and began extolling the virtues of eight centuries of cheesemaking tradition – and the 245,170 cows responsible for producing the world’sParmigiano reggiano. Continue reading>

10) UK-wide protests planned ahead of July trade negotiations - World Development Movement, 09/06/14

Protests will be held across the UK on 12 July against the EU-US trade deal, trade unions and campaign groups announced today. The protests will take place ahead of the next round of talks on the deal, scheduled to begin in Brussels on 14 July. Continue reading>

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