28 April 2015

Global Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA

Greens joined hundreds of rallies staged worldwide as citizens say NO to controversial trade deals

Isabelle Brennan, Campaign Assistant


On Saturday April 18th citizens turned out in their tens of thousands to protest against secret corporate trade deals such as TTIP.

Across Europe, Greens were spotted as they stood in rallies and marches and took part in workshops and conferences, showing their support in the fight against the undemocratic trade and investment deals currently being negotiated worldwide.

Green MEP Karima Delli of France joined students, trade unions and civil society organisations in Lille under the slogan "TAFTA - on n'en veut pas!", highlighting the ignorance of many to TTIP and what the agreement entails.

Lille, France

Ska Keller MEP also marched in Helsinki, Finland, fighting to create awareness of perhaps the most worrisome aspect of TTIP - ISDS.

Helsinki, Finland

Maribor, Slovenia

Green MEP Igor Šoltes participated in a debate discussing TTIP's clear lack of transparency in Maribor, Slovenia, one of the many events organised as part of the Global Day of Action.

Vienna, Austria

Green MEP and Vice President of the European Union Ulrike Lunacek took to the streets of Vienna alongside fellow Green MEP Monika Vana to stand strong against TTIP, TiSA and CETA.


MEP for London Jean Lambert of the Greens/EFA group joined the NoTTIP assembly in Shepherd’s Bush, London, organised by War on Want and other organisations in the NoTTIP coalition on April 18th.

1.7 million European signatures were collected by 'Stop TTIP', with turn out everywhere far exceeding expectations. Young Greens took part in demonstrations in Spain, Poland, Belgium, France and the Czech Republic to name but a few. In Ireland Michelin-starred chefs joined up with Young Friends of the Earth to speak out about the threat posed by TTIP. In Greece a large number of open events took place in Thessaloniki, with panel discussions aired on live TV.

Demonstrations did not take place in Europe alone. In the United States, 'coast-to-coast protests' were held in opposition to recently-passed Fast Track legislation. See below for highlights of protests in Latin America, Africa and Asia, where civilians and trade unions raised awareness of the consequences of free trade agreements (FTA).

To have witnessed such political engagement on Saturday the 18th is extremely encouraging, and we must continue to apply pressure to those conducting the negotiations on TTIP, CETA and TiSA. Stop TTIP is now aiming for 2 million signatures. Sign the initiative to halt negotiations here today.

Global Action Day April 18th 2015 in images:

Demonstrators braving the rain in Croatia



Warsaw, Poland

Protesters in Athens, Greece

Warsaw, Poland

Young Greens in Paris, France (Les Jeunes Ecologistes de l'Ile de France)


Young Greens in Brussels (Ecolo J)

Young Greens in Barcelona (Joves D'esquerra Verda)

Pacific Islands



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