10 April 2015

Join the Global Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA!

On Saturday 18 April 2015 citizens take to the streets to protest against secret corporate deals

Isabelle Brennan, Campaign Assistant

Following the major success of last October's European Day of Action against TTIP/CETA and TiSA, we are now counting down the days to the Global Day of Action on Saturday April 18th. By taking part in the Global Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA, we are sending a loud and clear signal against trade and investment deals that threaten our democratic rights, food, sovereignty, jobs and the environment.

Hundreds of events will take place all over the world as citizens fight to raise awareness on trade agreements affecting citizens everywhere. Is there anything taking place near you? Check on this map here. If yes, join in! And if not, why not organise your own event and add it to the map. You can also download signature sheets for printing here

In the US and Canada widespread demonstrations will take place over the coming weeks to oppose legislation which would 'Fast-track' TPP and TTIP, such as those in Washington, Chicago and Quebec.

To name just a few of the demonstrations expected to take place across Europe's Member states:

On April 18 civil society organizations, trade unions, farmers, youth, women, indigenous movements and grassroots activists will gather at Rue Plétinckx, Brussels to begin the march to Rue Froissard.

In Paris you can get involved by joining a Vampire flash mob, a Satirical Right Wing march or attending the film and debate « Traversée à haut risque à bord du Tafta », hosted on the Péniche “Grande Fantaisie”. 

If in London head to Shepherds Bush at 12pm where 'Democracy vs TTIP', an open, participatory assembly will take place.

In Berlin a human chain will be linked around the Canadian and the US embassies and the Representation of the European Commission, with everyone assembling in Potsdamer Platz at 4 o'clock.

Find a local event in your area at 

Follow events with the hashtag #A18DoA and at @TTIPBeware @O11DoA

What the European Day of Action 11 October 2014 looked like: video | photos


Download our Corporate Deals leaflet for more info here.

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