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20 April 2015

ISDS: Some battles won, but a long road ahead

Vote results in the European Parliament may indicate the tide is beginning to turn for investor-rights more

16 April 2015

European Parliament committee draws clear red lines for TTIP concerning food and health

"We cannot afford to sacrifice certain of the European safeguards on the altar of free trade" says TTIP rapporteur more

15 April 2015

Protection des consommateurs : pourquoi j’ai voté contre l’avis sur le TTIP

Pascal Durand commente l’adoption le 25 mars dernier par la Commission du marché intérieur et de la protection des consommateurs (IMCO) de l’avis concernant le TTIP. more

13 April 2015

TTIP and sustainable food production: water and fire?

Highlights from the "Food and Farming" conference a timely reminder of the issues at stake in the ENVI committee TTIP vote. more

13 April 2015

Don't sacrifice our food and farming at the TTIP-altar

As the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee votes on their TTIP-opinion, it's vital we do not lose sight of threats posed to food and farming argues Molly Scott Cato more

10 April 2015

Join the Global Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TiSA!

On Saturday 18 April 2015 citizens take to the streets to protest against secret corporate deals more

07 April 2015

TTIP: Do the Geopolitical arguments stack up?

Discussing TTIP's role in relation to EU integration, growth, transnational corporations, China's containment, the developing world, and the multilateral trade process with Reinhard Bütikofer more

07 April 2015

Crucial “red lines” crossed: why I voted against the TTIP-opinion

Pascal Durand discusses the opinion of the Committee for Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee (IMCO) more

31 March 2015

Remember ACTA? The Commission is using the same rhetoric for TTIP. And it's not going to work.

TTIP myths document "utterly fails" to address genuine concerns argues Max Andersson MEP more

16 March 2015

Trade secrets can harm your health, your environment, your career

The European Parliament is now discussing a draft proposal of the European Commission to establish a EU directive on trade secrets. Right now the protection of trade secrets is left up to Member States. more