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21 March 2014

Finance Watch: TTIP risks ‘race to the bottom’ in financial services regulation

There is "no proven case for including financial regulation in the EU-US trade deal." more

21 March 2014

Almost 75,000 people have signed this petition to European leaders on TTIP

Don't hand corporations the power to overturn democratically decided laws asks US organisation 'Sum of Us' more

17 March 2014

Transparency calls grow louder, and with good reason.

Commission & USTR public charm offensive on trade deal fails to reassure. more

17 March 2014

Week of debate and protest marks 4th round of TTIP talks

Highlights from civil society action in Brussels March 10 - 14 more

14 March 2014

Concerns remain in EU-Canada deal admits EU Commission, prompting further questions on investor protection.

Council of Canadians and PowerShift Germany call for the suspension of CETA talks for consultation on investment chapter more

14 March 2014

Transatlantic trade talks hit German snag

The Financial Times has learned that Germany wants ISDS out of the agreement more

13 March 2014

Green MEPs say NO to the TTIP agenda

TTIP is not transparent, undercuts our democratic values and poses real risks to our citizens more

12 March 2014

ISDS one of many risks that could sink TTIP deal

Business and negotiator support for ISDS is out of step with the public and their representatives. more

12 March 2014

NSA revelations: MEPS vote to withhold consent on TTIP deal unless data privacy is respected.

Vote today also calls for data protection to remain outside trade talks more

12 March 2014

Europe's fear of U.S. hormone meat, GM food sows divide in trade talks

"Enormous gulf" exposed that threatens the world's biggest trade pact Reuters reports more