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27 March 2014

L'abus de libre échange peut nuire à votre santé

L'adoption du Traité transatlantique « menacerait la protection de la santé en Europe », expliquent Yannick Jadot et Michèle Rivasi, eurodéputés EELV more

26 March 2014

Investor-Staat-Klagen gefährden die Demokratie

Warum ist der Klagemechanismus gefährlich? more

26 March 2014

Investor-state lawsuits threaten democracy

The resistance against investor privileges in TTIP continues to grow. We Greens will do everything to ensure that ISDS is excluded from TTIP. more

26 March 2014

Concerns about TTIP not just in Europe: interview with US State Legislator, Sharon Treat

Access to affordable medicines, protection of high labour and environmental standards are all at risk under TTIP says Sharon Treat, which she believes is a deal for international corporations that simply don’t want to play by the rules. more

26 March 2014

We defend the right to healthy, safe food: We won't trade this away in TTIP

We will not let our hard-won standards for food be dismantled in front of our eyes more

26 March 2014

How low can you go? Greens rally outside the European Parliament against TTIP's "race to the bottom"

US-EU summit today will discuss the free trade deal, which the Greens believe presents real risks to a range of standards and protections for citizens. more

25 March 2014

No progress points to one thing: no need.

Both sides cannot compromise, nor should they. So lets quit while we’re ahead. more

25 March 2014

TTIP: nothing new yet on this transatlantic front

A TTIP that would improve standards would be welcome. Unfortunately, that is not what has been offered so far. more

25 March 2014

What is a trade deal for if it doesn’t even create trade?

Guest blog: Trade diversion through TTIP will affect European integration, the environment and workers. more

24 March 2014

Obama's on his way to Brussels to negotiate a 'Polluters Pact'

TTIP a genuine threat to our environment, and our democracy. It's time to stop this polluters' pact in its tracks, before it's too late. more