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16 May 2014

Council fails to agree on release of EU TTIP mandate

Decision further demonstrates the lack of commitment to full transparency in the talks more

15 May 2014

Mass arrests at TTIP protest this morning in Brussels

Greens caught up in police crackdown outside the European Business Summit more

12 May 2014

TTIP: en France, la mobilisation prend de l'ampleur!

Q & A avec Yannick Jadot, député européen, Verts / ALE, sur la façon dont l'accord UE-États-Unis est perçu en France dans la perspective des élections européennes. more

05 May 2014

Abuse of free trade can harm your health

The adoption of the transatlantic treaty can threaten health protection in Europe, explains Michelle Rivasi and Yannick Jadot, MEPs EELV more

05 May 2014

Tratado de Libre Comercio UE-EEUU: un sueño neoliberal, una pesadilla democrática

Estamos ante un nuevo instrumento demoledor del neoliberalismo desregulador, que va más allá de los acuerdos bilaterales vistos hasta ahora more

30 April 2014

READ: U.S. Meat Export Federation letter to USTR

Lobby letter emphasises importance of eliminating EU bans on hormones and ractopamine in meat more

30 April 2014

Japan’s 5 sacred cows: a lesson for EU’s TTIP approach

Despite EU assertions, nothing is 'off-the-table' in TTIP talks. more

29 April 2014

Italy: new coalition joins growing opposition to TTIP across the EU

Interview with Monica Di Sisto, coordinator with Campagna Stop TTIP Italia more

29 April 2014

Italia: una nuova coalizione si unisce alla crescente opposizione al TTIP.

Intervista con Monica Di Sisto a proposito della Campagna Stop TTIP Italia more

17 April 2014

Does ISDS have any place in our democracy or trade agreements?

Commission’s so-called ‘public consultation’ leaves no room for this fundamental question more