16 July 2014

TTIP Twitter Storm!

Join the online protest on Wednesday during the 6th round of negotiations

Wednesday the 16th we will start tweeting all together with the same # at the same time (9am UTC/GMT, 10am UK, 11am Central Europe, 12pm Eastern Europe*)

*time converter:

If we are enough, we might trend, if not, we will still reach many people!

What #? What shall I tweet?

Just before the agreed time we will update the link below with the common # and suggested tweets.
Do copy and paste them as much as you like, they are for everyone to use!


What is this document?
A few minutes before the twitter storm we will announce here  the # that will be used. 
As soon as it is public do start tweeting with it.
This document will also be updated with a list of tweets that you can copy and paste. This is to make it easier for you to send out a lot of tweets at the same time, but of course you are welcome to create your long as they contain  the same #! 
How does a twitter campaign work?
We all tweet with the same # at the decided time and date.
If we are enough, we might trend, if not, we will still reach many people!
Do's & Don’t’s
  • All  participating accounts must be coordinated at the same time to start  tweeting, in this way it is more likely to become a trending topic.
  • Copy and paste tweets rather than retweet (see don'ts)
  • Start before the hour, getting started too early can make the strategy fail.
  • Don't retweet only, otherwise it will not trend. So copy&paste... steal the tweets!
  • Keep the pad private, don't share it with Main Stream Media.
What can I do to get people involved?
1. Invite people to the Facebook event page:
2. Copy and paste the text of the facebook page into an email and send it through your networks
3. Send the following direct message to some of your followers, especially those with large accounts! 
A twitterstorm against TTIP is planned for July 16th. Info here:  # will be shared a few minutes before. Do join!
4. Promote the twitterstorm through twitter
Facebook event

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