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This calendar covers TTIP events happening across Europe. This month's events are scheduled below. Use the purple arrows to find out what's happening in the months ahead.

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05 March 2014

Transatlantic Data Flows and the Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

How do we ensure Europe’s data-protection standards are maintained in the context of the transatlantic relationship - even in the face of the controversial Snowden revelations? more

10 March 2014

4th Round of Negotiations, Brussels

EU & US officials begin 3 days of negotiations in Brussels, concluding with a stakeholder debrief on Wednesday, March 12 more

13 March 2014

Untangling the Trade Talks:

What are the likely consequences of an EU-US trade deal for our food and environment? more

18 March 2014

S&D Group, European Parliament: EU-US TRADE AGREEMENT: Myths and Truths

Public conference on 18 March 2014 09H30 - 12H30
Room PHS 7C050
European Parliament, Brussels more

26 March 2014

President Obama visit to Brussels for EU-US summit

Discussion on TTIP likely as Obama meets the European Council and Commission in Brussels. more

26 March 2014

Greens Public Action: EU-US Summit, Brussels

Leading Green candidate Ska Keller, MEPs and sympathisers will protest against the current TTIP agenda. more