12 April 2016

CETA: Despite Improvements problems remain.

Statement by the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB) more

08 April 2016

European Public Services Union

Concerns about CETA more

08 April 2016

Letter to Members of the International Trade Committee, European Parliament

European Public Services Union on CETA more

07 April 2016

Battle for globalisations?

BRICs and US Mega-Regional Trade Agreements in a changing world order more

07 April 2016

World Health Day 2016

The TTIP is still Trading Away our Health more

15 March 2016

Action Aid report: 'What a Way to Make A Living'

Report criticising rich countries trade and investment policies, and their impact on developing nations more

18 February 2016

Comprehensive Q&A on TTIP

Unpacking EU-US trade talks more

18 January 2016

Comparison of the EU services offers in the TTIP and TiSA negotiations

Policy Department, European Parliament more

26 October 2015

TTIPing Away the Ladder

How the EU-US trade deal could undermine the Sustainable Development Goals more